Rules and Regulations

1. Rules. The following rules are the official rules of the tournament. They are intended to provide a fair and safe tournament for all involved. Interpretation of these rules shall be left up to the Tournament Rules Committee. The decision of the judges and Tournament Committee shall be final in all matters.
2. Participation and Eligibility. All contestants must complete an official entry form and send along with the proper entry fee before the tournament deadline. Participants under the age of 18 must have signed parental permission.
3. Insurance. All boats competing in this contest shall maintain their own liability insurance during all practice and tournament fishing. Any director, official, sponsor, or any other person involved with this tournament shall be waived from any claims of injury and/or damage incurred in connection with this event.
4. Headquarters. This area will be located at Sawyer Park Launch Site located on Neenah Ave. in Sturgeon Bay, WI.
5. Boats. Boats must be a minimum of 16 feet in length, comply with all WDNR and Coast Guard regulations. All boats shall have an operating aerated live well capable of adequately maintaining a live catch of bass.
6. Boat Identification. All boats will be required to display a boat number, which will be supplied, on the outboard motor.
7. Boat Position. Position will be determined by entry date in which they were received.
8. Boat Inspection. All boats will be made available before the start of each day for an inspection. At this time all live wells, compartments and storage areas will be made accessible for inspection personnel. No boats shall be allowed to compete that have not been inspected.
9. Fishing Rules. All Wisconsin Rules regarding fishing will be observed unless the Tournament Director specifies more stringent regulations. ONLY ARTIFICIAL BAITS MAY BE USED. ONLY 2 (TWO) RODS MAY BE ALLOWED PER PERSON DURING TOURNAMENT FISHING. Entrants must possess a valid Wisconsin Fishing License.
10. Scoring. Scoring will be done on a pound and ounce weight of bass. There will be a 5 fish limit per two-man team per day. In the event of a tie for first place the tie breaker will be the highest weight on the second day. Ties for all other places will share the total money for the shared place.
11. Boundaries. Fishing will be allowed in all legal waters of Sturgeon Bay and Green Bay within 5 miles of the Door County Shoreline. Waters within one-half mile of Chambers Island are also included. No fishing will be allowed north of Gills Rock. The southern boundary will be no farther than a 90 degree line from the south pier at Chaudoir's Dock to the west shore. The Lake Michigan boundary will be no fishing past the U.S. Coast Guard Station. There will be no fishing allowed in Lake Michigan. A 25-yard distance between anchored boats will be enforced. Boats must maintain a safe distance at all times.
12. Tournament Hours. Flights will start at 8:00 AM and end at 4 00 PM both days.
13R Late Rule. Check in time will be announced each morning. You must be checked in by that time or you will be disqualified. NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to check in will mean disqualification.
14. Safety. Safe boating will be observed at all times. During competition, each contestant shall wear a U.S.C.G approved chest type life preserver any time the main engine is running. All boats will be equipped with an emergency ignition shut off which must be attached to the driver whenever the main engine is running.
15. Sportsmanship. All contestants are required to follow a high standard of sportsmanship, courtesy, and conservation at all times. Drunkenness will be a cause for immediate disqualification at any time during the contest. The use of illegal drugs will also mean disqualification from all and any part of this sporting event.
16. Severe Weather. Under normal conditions no contestant may leave his/her boat during the tournament hours, except at the headquarters area. The exception to this rule would be in the event of severe weather. In this case you may seek shelter at the nearest shoreline.
17. Breakdowns. In the event that your boat becomes inoperable, you may be towed to headquarters. You may receive a tow from any other boat including the U.S. Coast Guard, a non-tournament boat or a tournament boat. You may not leave your boat unless it is in peril of sinking. The towboat must not come in contact with your boat in any other way than the towrope. Breakdowns are not an exception to the late rule.
18. Use of Radios or Cellular Phones. We strongly recommend that each boat have an emergency communications system of either a marine radio or cellular phone. No fishing information may be relayed via radios or phones.
19. Protests. Formal protests must be submitted on the day of the occurrence, before 5 pm on that day. A $100 dollar protest fee must also be submitted with the protest to the tournament director. A polygraph test may be conducted at the tournament director's discretion.
20. Tournament Registration Meeting. At least 1 member of each team must be present to register and attend the pre­tournament meeting. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Times and dates for the meeting will be sent with your tournament packet and boat number.

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